Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Women's Witness Trip May - June 2014

Want to see beyond the wall?  Is your heart burning to visit with women who struggle to save enough water to wash their dishes, and their children?   Do you desire to touch the olives, wade in the Sea of Galilee, walk in the dust with the One who lived in a tension filled occupied land, amid people of deep faith and radical hospitality?

Join us for a Women's Witness Trip to Israel-Palestine, for 10 days of conversation with Christian, Jewish and Muslim women.  We will make thoughtful inquiry into realities 'on the ground' to deepen our understanding of the impact of current conditions on the spiritual, physical, emotional and economic lives of women and their families.  Our discussions will complement daily worship, visits to holy sites and free time to take in all there is to see and hear and taste.

Reflections on last year's Witness Trip can be found below. 

For More information contact the Leaders:

Ann Franklin  ann.h.franklin@gmail.com
Ann Coburn  revanncoburn@yahoo.com
Anne Minton amminton@comcast.net
Maurine Tobin mmtobin38@gmail.com
Susan Langle   skldogwood@gmail.com

Shalom. Salaam, Peace

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